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SMPP - Short message peer-to-peer protocol

Now for sendign messages with SQLbox and kannel, you need to do inserts in the Kannel database and table send_sms.

The insert may look like this:

INSERT INTO kannel.send_sms SET
momt = 'MT',
sender = '$from',
receiver = '+$to',
msgdata = '".urlencode($message)."',
smsc_id = 'smpp',
account = 'tester',
dlr_mask = '31',
dlr_url = '".$statusurl."/kannel.php?destination=%p&source=%P&dlrv=%d&messageid=%F&time=%T&id=%I&id2=%i&trans_id=$trans_id&to=$to',
boxc_id = 'smsbox' ,
coding = 0,
charset = 'utf-8'
momt :: You need to tell Kannel, if the message is an MO or MT
sender :: What is the sender ID, it support both latin and digits
receiver :: Destination of the messages, remeber to add + for international sending
msgdata :: Message to be send, this shall be in urlencoding for special char like greek or scandianvian
smsc_id :: This is the route created in the kannel.conf
account :: This is the account created in the kannel.conf
dlr_mask :: DLR mask tells what stat us DLR you want back for the SMPP server
dlr_url :: define the URL you will like Kannel to call, when gettign DRL back fromt he SMPP server
boxc_id :: This is how the DLR will be handle
coding :: Coding of the messages, 0 is GSM and 2 is unicode
charset :: What charactor set is the message, when inserting in MySQL

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