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SMPP - Short message peer-to-peer protocol

WAP PUSH enables the delivery of multimedia content to mobile devices without the need for the full-fledged MMS delivery protocol. Instead, a hyperlink is delivered to the mobile device of the recipient as a Service Indication message. The recipient mobile device will automatically prompt the recipient to download the content on the hyperlink and display it over a GPRS/WAP connection.

Formatting a proper WAP PUSH message as hexadecimal string has been something of a mystery to many people, as there is close to no useful documentation on the Web on this, and Nokia’s own documentation is very cryptic at best.

Hopefully, the following provides a clear and easy-to-understand guide on how to construct WAP PUSH messages!

When using SMPP for WAP push, you shall remember to set the following two fields:
Data coding = 245
Esm class = 64

A Sample WAP Push string

The UDH (User Data Header)
06 is the Length of the UDH
05 is the Information Element Identifier
04 is the Information Element Data Length (IEDL)
0B84 is the destination port number 2948 (in HEX)
23F0 is the source port number 9200 (in HEX)

Data info
DC is the Transaction ID (Push ID)
06 is the PDU type (Push PDU)
01 is the Header Length (just leave it at 01)
AE represents Content Type=application/vnd.wap.sic
02 represents vesrsion
05 represents si
6A represents charset=utf-8
00 represents string
45 represents si
C6 represents indication
0C represents http://
03 refers to next is an ASCII string for the URL, to be terminated with 00

Then comes your URL string, max 255 char and the URL has to start with "http://" or "https://".: (http://www.smppserver.org):

Ending Wrapper:
00 refers to terminate string with 00
01 represents indication
03 refers to next is an ASCII string for title, terminate with 00

The title in our example is, max 50 char (smppserver):

00 we terminate the title string with 00
01 represents indication
01 represents si

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